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Athenian Delights

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Athens, Greece - 3 nights
Available year round 


If you desire a short culinary break in a fascinating city, this tour is for you! This three night tour provides a cooking class, a "foodie" walking tour and beautiful accommodations in a three star hotel in the center of the city. Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long and impressive history, dating from the first settlement in the Neolithic age. Get a taste of this incredible place!


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Savoring Crete

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Crete, Greece - 7 nights
Available April to October - Monday to Monday


Visit the island of Crete and discover why this destination is so very unique. Learn about the famous Cretan diet and why this way of eating is so admired. Through hands on cooking classes taught in English by a renowned chef from Crete, you will create wonderful recipes using the finest ingredients from this island, considered by some to be one of the healthiest places in the world. You will stay at a rustic traditional cottage in a quaint and authentic village. 

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The Treasures of Naxos

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Naxos, Greece - 6 nights
Available May to October


So you have always wanted to visit Greece? Why not explore a less popular spot to experience authentic Greece? Naxos is a fertile island belonging to the Cyclades chain. While in Greece, you can easily visit other islands, but we promise you will be delighted with this treasure of an island known for its cheese, olive oil, warm people and hospitality. You will stay in a lovely renovated boutique hotel where you will enjoy a homemade breakfast each morning. 


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The Essence of Greece

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Poros Island, Greece - 7 nights
Available April to October - Saturday to Saturday


This week long culinary tour of Greece features fabulous food and excellent wines, colorful open-air markets bursting with gorgeous local products and four unique hands-on cooking classes that explore the healthiest and most delicious food in the world in one of the world's most captivating destinations. Nothing can bring you closer to the essence of Greece than this fantastic hands-on cooking vacation. This culinary tour takes you way beyond the usual tourist experience to get to know the real Greece – tasting, smelling, seeing, touching and learning how to create delicious, authentic Greek dishes yourself.


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Santorini Treasures

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Santorini, Greece - 7 nights
Available May to July, September to October - Saturday to Saturday


There is a good reason why, when people speak of Santorini, they have a difficult time finding the words to describe its beauty. Active Gourmet Holidays is pleased to offer this incredible culinary journey to our clients. While on this spectacular island you will enjoy cooking classes to learn about the Greek cuisine and will also learn about the oldest vineyards in the world through wine education and tastings. You will stay in a beautiful hotel and will even have a sunset sailing tour to see the island from another vantage point. It doesn't get any better than this!!

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Greek Island Cooking, Yoga and Hiking

Zakynthos, Greece - 7 nights
Available March to November 


Active Gourmet Holidays is pleased to offer this fantastic cooking, yoga and hiking holiday in Zakynthos, Greece, located in the Ionian Islands. We bring you an authentic Greek experience, combining local gastronomy, culture, exercise, nature and the experience to interact with passionate locals who will introduce you to the best of Zakynthos island.


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The Kitchens and Traditions of Zakynthos Island

(Options: Customized Itineraries, Shorter or Longer Stays)
Zakynthos, Greece - 7 nights
Available March to November 

The magical Greek island of Zakynthos awaits your arrival. Zakynthos, located in the Ionian Sea, is known for its pristine crystal beaches. Picture clear turquoise waters and beautiful landscapes, meet warm people and taste simple and delectable cuisine - and you have found Zakynthos! This will be a unique and unforgettable experience as your hosts are a local family who live on the premises and they will introduce you to all that is authentic on this small island. You will mingle with the wonderful local islanders and after your stay you will become family. The itinerary provides plenty of time to swim and to be on the water - afterall, this IS the home to the famous loggerhead turtles and perhaps you will be lucky enough to swim in turquoise waters with one beside you!  


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"It was an absolutely marvelous week. The accommodations were superb. I loved the course, the host, and the Chambre d'Hote which is a lovely country house equipped with everything one could possibly need. I was incredibly pleased to when dealing with AGH. All in all, a fantastic experience that I hope to be able to repeat, perhaps in Italy next time." Anita D., Encinitas, California

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